Easy Crochet Crop Top Pattern – The Spider Top

Hello, my crochet friends!

Let’s get to make this amazing and easy  Crochet Crop Top Pattern together!

Well, this is also the Spider Top as I called it, You can guess which stitch combination we are going to use here!

Grab your hooks and here we start!

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It’s a great and easy pattern because:

  • It is just two rectangles joined together
  • You get to learn how to make this neckline that is so simple.
  • You can modify the width and length just by adding rows and chains
  • You are your model!
  • You can use any type of yarn really- make it light with Dk or a winter vest with a Bulky

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The Spider Easy Crochet Crop Top Pattern

spider crochet stitch

Let’s get to the Easy Crop Top Pattern, shall we?


  • Beginners Friendly

Materials Used

  1. Yarn of any kind – I used Bravo Gizem 97% Acrylic 3% Viscose in shade 9239 , DK weight yarn
  2. 5mm hook, scissors, tapestry needle, stitch markers


This Pattern is For Size M/L but you can adjust it easily by adding chains and rows- all explained in the pattern instructions

Stitches Used

ch = chain

sc = single crochet

Tr st = Treble stitch

st = stitches

sl st = slip stitch


This Pattern is beginners friendly, it uses only basic stitches, of course, you have to be familiar with single crochet, double crochet, and slip stitch, if you are not, please visit  here and here before starting this project

This Pattern is made with a multiple 9 + 3 and it is an 8 rows repeat.

This Top is made from two rectangles joined together on the shoulders and sides.

The back panel is a full rectangle and the front panel has a square neck pattern- very easy to make.

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front and back panels


Back Panel

Foundation chain a multiple of 9 + 3, I chained 54 + 3

Now we start the Repeat Spider Pattern- I worked 4 times the pattern and it made a rectangle of 53 cm 21” wide. You can adjust to your desired size by adding chains in the multiple of 9 or reducing the multiple of 9.

Please make a gauge so you can be sure about your size.

R1: Dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in next 4 ch, ** ch4, sk1, 1tr in next ch, rep X3 (total of 4 tr), ch4, sk1, 1 dc in each 5 ch , rep** across to end and make sure you end with a set of 5 dc

R2: ch3 (counts as 1st dc and turn your work), dc in next 5 dc from prev row, ** ch4, 1 sc in each tr from prev row, ch 4, 1 dc in each dc from prev row, rep** across to end and make sure you end with a set of 5 dc

R3+ R4: repeat R2

R5: ch3 and turn work and 1dc in next 4 dc from prev row, **ch1, 1 tr on top of sc from prev row X3 (total of 4 tr) ch1, 1 dc on each dc from prev row (total of 5 dc) ** rep across to the end of row, make sure to end with a set of 5 dc.

R6: ch3 (counts as 1st dc) and turn your work, dc in next 5 dc from prev row ** 1dc in ch space , 1 dc on top of each tr from prev row, 1dc in ch space , 1dc on 5 next dc from prev row ** rep across to end of row- now you should have a row of dc’s counting 55

R7-8: ch3 (counts as 1st dc and turn your work,) dc in every st from prev row to end.

This is the Spider Pattern- you will repeat it from R1-8 as many times you wish your top length (height) to be, in my case, I worked 4 repeats ending with 3 rows of dc’s to a total height of 43cm 17”

When you finish this panel- secure your work and cut the yarn.

Let’s move to the Front panel ⬇️

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shoulder pattern

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Front Panel

The front panel is made exactly like the back panel- but instead of 4 repeats of the spider pattern, stop at the third and continue as follows:

Make one time the spider pattern on each side of the rectangle to create shoulders and a square neck- shown in the photo. finishing with 3 rows of dc’s.

The height of both panels should be exactly the same.


Use the tapestry needle to join the shoulders: back and front first spider pattern on both sides.

Use again the tapestry needle to join the sides of the top leaving two spider patterns from the shoulder down for the arm holes on both sides.

This is it!!!

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