Two Rectangles Crochet Top – The Romeo Top

Hello, my crochet friends! Let’s make a two rectangles crochet top!

This is a beginner’s friendly super simple crochet top pattern.

Using two long rectangles joined together

Are you with me?

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two rectangles crochet top pattern

What can I tell you about this Romeo top pattern?

  1. I called it Romeo because the two identical panels join together in the heart!
  2. Using two strands is not a must- use any with # yarn you choose and any color combination
  3. This pattern is so relaxing and fun you can finish it in a weekend!

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Let’s get to the pattern, shall we?




  1. Ruggi Soft Bamboo Blend, weight #3 – double-strand , or any weight #4 yarn
  2. 5.5 mm hook, scissors, tapestry needle, stitch markers


One Size Women Adult

Mine turned out: 60cm in length from shoulder to waist ( that means 12 cm length of panel) and 50 cm wide ( that means 25 cm wide each panel

Stitch Key

Ch= chain

Sc = single crochet
St = stitches
Sl st = slip stitch

Specialty Stitches

Vstitch ( dc 1+ch2+dc1) in same st, skip 2

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  • This Pattern is beginner-friendly, it uses only basic stitches, of course, you have to be familiar with single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet and slip stitch, if you are not please visit any YouTube channel tutorial before starting this Project.
  • This pattern is made in Rows.
  • Ch 3 at the beginning of the row counts as a stitch
  • This Top is made of two identical long rectangular panels that go around from your waist to your waist on the back – you can choose the length, short waist or long.
  • This pattern has a foundation chain  of a multiple of 6+1
  • Before you start to count your measurements with the specific yarn of your choice, please make a gauge.
  • Of course, you can choose any combination of colors or make it with one color as you wish!
simple crochet top pattern


Panel – make two identical

Foundation ch 137

R1:  SC in 2nd ch from hook and in every ch to end of row, turn work

R2: Ch 3 (does count as st) dc1 in  next st, dc1 in every st across to end of row , turn work

R3: ch 3 (does count as st) , V st *{sk2, (dc+ch1+dc)} repeat to end of row finish with 1dc

R4 -14: Repeat Row 3

R15: Sc1 in 1st st from the hook and across row to end, , turn work

R16 +17: Ch 3, dc1 in next st and across to end of row, turn

Secure yarn, weave in ends and cut yarn


Measure the panels on the length to the middle.

Of course it depends on the length you decided, count your stitches and mark.

Lay down the two folded in half panels  side by side with the last row towards middle of top

Measure 17cm on each side from shoulder down for  the arms and mark with stitch marker on both

Measure the neck opening you desire from  shoulder to middle on both sides and mark with a stitch marker.

Sew from marker down all four parts, arm hole down on both sides and neck opening down on both sides. Cut your yarn , secure it and weave it with a tapestry needle.


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