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post photo- charts (600X600) all my heart bag crochet free pattern

Heart Square Crochet Bag Pattern – All My Heart

What about a heart square crochet bag pattern? You know, a cute little heart-shaped crochet square that becomes a small bag you can carry anywhere? Well, this is it! I love this pattern, look how the color changes of the yarn give the pattern so much depth. Not to mention […]

post photo- charts (600X600) moroccan tile crochet bag

Moroccan Tiles Crochet Bag Pattern – Cordoba

Dreaming of your trip to Marocco? Try this Moroccan tiles crochet bag pattern first and imagine the smells, colors, and textures. This crochet bag pattern is for more experienced crocheters, but if you have patience and determination you can make it! Try out any color combination to give the stitch […]

post photo- charts (600X600) - circus crochet bag

Circle to Square Granny Crochet Bag Pattern – Circus

Sometimes the easiest is the prettiest right? Grab this circle-to-square granny crochet bag pattern and make it in all the colors! When it comes to bags/totes there is never enough. The more the better. I am obsessed and have a big collection of crocheted bags and totes. I love to […]

free crochet pattern boot toppers

Crochet Boot Toppers Pattern – Oat Latte

Ok, This is an obsession! A new Crochet Boot Toppers Pattern, twice a day! Just hear me out! I am trying to finish all my leftover yarns, and prepare small gifts for the holiday season! Using these crochet boot cuffs is perfect for the weather where I live. Not too […]

sunshine boot cuffs crochet free pattern

Sunshine Crochet Boot Cuffs Free Pattern

This sunshine crochet boot cuffs free crochet pattern is a great way to use your yarn stash and create super cozy items for your winter wardrobe! I love crochet boot cuffs, where I live the winter is mild so very bulky socks or pants are not necessary, but boot cuffs […]

post photo- charts (600X600) rainbow headband

Colorful Crochet Headband Pattern – Rainbow

We all need a colorful crochet headband pattern to brighten up our day! This happy crochet twisted headband is going to be the one for you today. You can make this beauty in an hour’s work using rainbow colors and textured stitches. Let’s do it! Find the free pattern below […]

post photo- charts (600X600) (1)

Square Granny Beach Bag Pattern

Sun, sand, and… a boring beach bag? Nah! The Square Granny Beach Bag pattern is live! This square granny bag will be your coolest crochet project for summer: a granny square beach bag! It’s perfect for using up leftover yarn, and you can customize it with your favorite colors. Get […]

raspberry collection - fingerless gloves

Crochet Fingerless Gloves Free Pattern – Raspberry Collection

This crochet fingerless gloves free pattern is part of the Raspberry Collection. An easy and fun project to make in a few hours As part of a collection, it uses a stitch pattern that will appear in all pieces and it is one of my favorites! Are you with me? […]

post photo- charts (600X600) free crochet bag pattern

24 Free Crochet Bag Patterns

Bag obsessed, are you here? I’ve got a bunch of 24 free crochet bag patterns to share with you, ready to be done today! Crochet bags are the coolest things – add some pizzazz to your outfit and carry all your stuff too! They come in every size and color […]

flower granny square crochet bandana

Flower Granny Crochet Bandana – Adriene

Hello, my crochet friend! Are you a 70’s lover? Up for a flower granny crochet bandana pattern that will set you in the LOVE+PEACE era? I love this crochet bandana pattern featuring the Adriene flower granny square. Think colors and music and of course good spirits! This free crochet pattern […]