Crochet Project Tracker

Looking to have all your crochet projects/designs in one place?

There is no way you have it all sorted and everything in one place! We creative creatures always have things around, am I right? Using a Crochet Project Tracker is essential.

Take a look at these situations and answer for yourself:

☑️If you don’t feel like you have all your crochet projects information sorted out

☑️Cannot find the sticky note you wrote the last change you made

☑️Cannot remember which hook you used

☑️Or even which stitch?


I have been there and I can help you get organized!

With this Crochet Project Tracker

What People Say About The Crochet Project Planner

“I love mine! It’s great for keeping track of different adjustments I have made on various projects – even if I didn’t design that pattern myself 😉🧶💗🧶” – Jennifer

“I will have to get another one by summer though lol. Mine is filling up fast!” – Audrey

crochet project tracker

This Paperback Crochet Project Tracker is a perfect choice!

  • Keep all your notes in one place so you can find them later
  • Yarn used – never run out of information about the yarn you used , the weight, the amount, the color and the lot
  • Hook sizes- Ok this is a big one right?
  • Gauges- no need to go deeper with its one.
  • Changes made
  • Row tracking

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