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post photo- charts (600X600) moroccan tile crochet bag

Moroccan Tiles Crochet Bag Pattern – Cordoba

Dreaming of your trip to Marocco? Try this Moroccan tiles crochet bag pattern first and imagine the smells, colors, and textures. This crochet bag pattern is for more experienced crocheters, but if you have patience and determination you can make it! Try out any color combination to give the stitch […]

free crochet basket round up

24 Super Cool Crochet Basket Free Patterns

24 Super Cool Crochet Basket Free Patterns! Are you ready to transform your space with chic, handmade charm? Dive into our curated collection of 24 free patterns for crochet baskets and discover how effortless it can be to marry style with practicality. Imagine your home adorned with beautifully crafted baskets […]

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Basic Crochet Basket Pattern – Smokey

How many baskets do you have at home? I bet a few 🙂 This Basic crochet basket pattern will let you feel confident to make more and use your creativity! Crochet baskets are the most versatile item I can think of. You can use them for food, baths, toys, plants, […]

post photo- charts (600X600) - circus crochet bag

Circle to Square Granny Crochet Bag Pattern – Circus

Sometimes the easiest is the prettiest right? Grab this circle-to-square granny crochet bag pattern and make it in all the colors! When it comes to bags/totes there is never enough. The more the better. I am obsessed and have a big collection of crocheted bags and totes. I love to […]

Designer showcase craftopia collective

Craftopia Collective – Crochet Designer Showcase

Every month starting April 2024, I will post a new crochet designer showcase here for you all. The crochet community is amazing and giving a place to get to know the designers is a privilege! In June we showcase Maytina & Helena from Craftopia Collective let’s get to know them […]

post photo- charts (600X600) happy cuddles baby blanket

Preemie Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern – Happy Cuddles

This is my first preemie baby blanket crochet pattern for The 2024 Preemie Challenge hosted by Helen from Sunflower Cottage Crochet.  The idea behind this challenge is a pledge to make at least one of those item to donate to a NICU or similar in November for Preemie Awareness Month. […]

free crochet pattern boot toppers

Crochet Boot Toppers Pattern – Oat Latte

Ok, This is an obsession! A new Crochet Boot Toppers Pattern, twice a day! Just hear me out! I am trying to finish all my leftover yarns, and prepare small gifts for the holiday season! Using these crochet boot cuffs is perfect for the weather where I live. Not too […]

sunshine boot cuffs crochet free pattern

Sunshine Crochet Boot Cuffs Free Pattern

This sunshine crochet boot cuffs free crochet pattern is a great way to use your yarn stash and create super cozy items for your winter wardrobe! I love crochet boot cuffs, where I live the winter is mild so very bulky socks or pants are not necessary, but boot cuffs […]

post photo- charts (600X600) rainbow headband

Colorful Crochet Headband Pattern – Rainbow

We all need a colorful crochet headband pattern to brighten up our day! This happy crochet twisted headband is going to be the one for you today. You can make this beauty in an hour’s work using rainbow colors and textured stitches. Let’s do it! Find the free pattern below […]

post photo- charts (600X600) blue coast dishcloth

Quick and Easy Crochet Dishcloth Pattern: Make Yours Today

In this step-by-step guide for a quick and easy crochet dishcloth pattern, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to create your own handmade dishcloths. I named this pattern ” Blue Coast Dishcloth” These dishcloths are eco-friendly and add a charming, personal touch to your home. Grab your […]