24 Super Cool Crochet Basket Free Patterns

24 Super Cool Crochet Basket Free Patterns! Are you ready to transform your space with chic, handmade charm?

Dive into our curated collection of 24 free patterns for crochet baskets and discover how effortless it can be to marry style with practicality.

Imagine your home adorned with beautifully crafted baskets that are not only eco-friendly but also incredibly easy and quick to make. Perfect for enhancing your home decor and bringing a touch of elegance to your organization efforts, these patterns cater to every taste and skill level.

From minimalist designs to boho beauties, there’s a basket here for everyone. So, grab your yarn and crochet hook, and let’s get started on creating stylish, sustainable storage solutions that will make your home both organized and uniquely yours.

Scroll down to find your next free Crochet Basket pattern!!

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24 Free Crochet Basket Patterns to Upgrade Your Decor!

1. Lobelia Nesting Basket – Agat – Made by Gottie

The Lobelia Nesting basket is a modern crochet basket.

The Basket’s body has a unique texture because of a combination of the spider stitch and the spike single crochet stitch

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2. Summer Fun Tote by Lisa -Green Fox Design

One of my favorite things about the Summer Tote/Basket Crochet Pattern is that these basket tote bags are really quick to make! Double stranded yarn really makes for a quick and sturdy make!!

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3. Prairielands Chunky Crochet Basket by Jessica – Mama in a Stitch

This rustic, simple chunky crochet basket pattern is awesome for storage and is also super cute! It’s easy to make with a round base and single crochet stitched sides

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4. Hearts Full of Love by Jennifer – A Crochet Simplicity

Learn to crochet a crochet plant pot cover that has several more uses than just a plant basket.

The Hearts Full of Love Crochet Basket uses less than one ball of yarn and makes a great indoor plant basket, mason jar cozy, crochet candle holder, and gift baskets for Valentine’s Day!

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5. Granny Square Basket by Janne – Joy of the Motion

 The Granny Square Basket is a beginner-friendly crochet basket pattern.

Works up in little time and features lovely traditional granny squares.

Use it to store small toys, crochet projects, treasured nail polish bottles or to spruce up your kitchen.

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6. Heart Basket with Flower Basket Divider Pattern by Nicki – Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

This basket pattern with a removable divider uses bulky yarn and is only 5 x 10 inches and is therefore very fast to crochet

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7. Kieran Basket by Amber -Divine Debris

Like my other baskets, this design is worked in the round from the bottom up, with a slip st into the first st of the rnd. I like to turn with designs like this because I prefer to keep the seam as straight as possible with turns and, most importantly, this texture wouldn’t look right other wise.

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8. Carolina Crochet Basket by Jane – Simply Melanie Jane

The Carolina Basket is a roomy, versatile, and utterly charming bulky crochet basket free pattern that’s bound to become a staple in your cozy abode. Crafted using bulky yarn, this basket not only works up quickly but also provides a plush, sturdy texture that’s perfect for holding all your essentials.

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9. Helena Hand Basket by Malena – Straight Hooked

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10. Diamond Basket by Krissy Over The Mountain Crochet

This crochet diamond basket looks complicated, but it is easy to crochet. The single crochet spike stitches create a diamond effect around the middle of the basket. You can easily crochet this Diamond Basket in an evening

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11. Chunky Crochet T-shirt Yarn Basket – By Veronika- Blue Star Crochet

As quick crochet projects go, this chunky crochet t-shirt yarn basket was one of the quickest makes. Although I have two children, I managed to finish this basket in one day from start to finish. Now that is an achievement.

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12. Smokey Basket by me 🙂

This is a classic super simple multi-purpose basket pattern, to change the organization method of your home!

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13. Hartfield Crochet Hanging Basket by Jessica -Stitching Together

Now, with this free crochet pattern, you can make your own hanging crochet baskets and hopefully get things a little more in order. Or you can use them for plants or flowers because beautiful spaces help give the feeling that you are more organized.

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14. Simple Crochet Hanging Wall Basket by First the Coffee

Make a quick and easy storage wall basket with this crochet hanging wall basket pattern that only requires simple stitches to stitch up fast.

This is a great beginner project that can add a useful storage solution to your space.

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15. Crochet Basket with Plastic Bags by April – Banana Moon Studio

You can make a crochet basket with plastic bags! This project is as environmentally friendly as it gets! In this post, I will share a pattern with you to make your round baskets out of plastic bags. Video tutorial on how to make yarn from the bags included

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16. MOSS STITCH BASKETS by Jo to The World Creations

Learn how to crochet round baskets and make these sturdy and stylish crochet baskets in three sizes. Get organized or make a crochet basket as a gift. The free pattern includes written instructions and a video tutorial.

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17. Blooming Grace Basket by Ethy -OVC Designs

Remember the saying, April showers bring May flowers? Well I couldn’t help but follow up my Purple Rain Wind Spinner pattern with my Blooming Grace Basket. This is a fun choose your own adventure style pattern and the texture is amazing! Small, medium or large; short or tall; and finally handle or no handle.

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18. Dollar Store Twine + Thrifted Belt Free Crochet Basket by Jess – Make and Do Crew

This free crochet basket pattern is exceptionally easy to make and uses inexpensive twine and leather to create a primitive, yet sophisticated home decor piece. One of my favorite DIY pursuits is using mundane or utilitarian materials and crafting them into something that looks like it could be worthy of a West Elm or Anthropologie price tag

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19. HEART BASKET by Lyng – Hooked on Patterns

This is a free crochet basket pattern for a cute heart-shaped basket. They use my free heart coaster pattern as the base. You can use any yarn weight or type to make these baskets. The exact gauge isn’t too important but you want to keep your stitches compact, so go down a hook size if needed. This will help keep your basket firm and minimise gaps between stitches giving a smoother surface

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20. Practically Perfect Crochet Nesting Baskets by Michelle -Tales of Knots

If you’re looking to add some cottagecore aesthetic to your home décor, look no further than these crochet nesting baskets! With a French farmhouse feel, these fun little bulky pots work up in no time at all, and even come with an additional nesting trinket tray!

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21. Gray Tweed Chunky Square Crochet Basket by Heather -Amore Crafty Life

This chunky crochet basket is the perfect way to organize your crafting supplies, office supplies, or even your laundry. This easy crochet basket pattern uses single crochet to make a great storage basket.

The simple square design is easy to crochet and works up quickly with a few skeins of yarn.

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22. Easy Mini Basket by Start Crochet

Want to crochet a super fast & easy mini basket for a special occasion? Is Mother’s Day just around the corner and you don’t know what to make for your mom? Here’s a 20-minute mini Basket crochet pattern ideal for beginners.

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23. Simple Bobble Crochet Basket In 2 Ways by Erin – Juniper & Oaks

This year I am trying to find simple ways to clear some clutter and be organized in the little things. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by how big of an undertaking it is to go from messy, clutter-filled house to KonMarie-level organization! And you know I love a good crochet project, so let me introduce you to these Simple Bobble Baskets.

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24. Nautical Basket by Sonya – Blackstone Design

Don’t you just love this Nautical Basket made from t-shirt yarn? I don’t think you can ever have too many crochet baskets! We have them all around my house, holding various things; Pens, Paint, WIPs, and of course, yarn!

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