Boho Crochet Table Runner Pattern (Free)

Hey, crochet friend! Are you ready to add a touch of bohemian charm to your dining table? Well, get ready because I have the perfect Boho Crochet Table Runner Pattern for you.

Picture this: a beautiful cream-beige table runner that gives you a sense of tranquility and sophistication.

But here’s the twist that takes it to the next level: charming tassels that sway with every breeze, adding a playful touch to your space. Trust me, it’s the ultimate recipe for creating a cozy, boho-inspired atmosphere in your home.

So, if you’re up for a crochet adventure that combines style and simplicity, grab your hooks and let’s get started on this easy yet unique boho style crochet table runner project together. Are you excited? I know I am!

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It’s a great Crochet Table Runner pattern because:

Works up very quickly

You can use different yarns and combinations

This Shell stitch pattern is addictive!

and the tassels? OK I am obsessed 😍

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boho crochet table runner

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Before you get started…

Need to learn how to make Tassels? Watch this video

Prefer Fringes Watch this video

How to Style Boho Style with a Crochet Table Runner?

When it comes to styling your table with a boho flair, the key is to embrace the free-spirited and eclectic nature of the bohemian aesthetic.

  • Start by layering your cream-beige Boho Crochet Table Runner as the centerpiece, letting its intricate design take the spotlight.
  • Add a mix of mismatched vintage plates, colorful glassware, and textured woven placemats to create a boho-inspired table setting.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and colors for a playful and relaxed vibe.
  • Scatter some natural elements like feathers, succulents, or small potted plants to bring in a touch of nature.
  • Finally, complete the look with candles in assorted holders, adding a warm and cozy ambiance.

Remember, the beauty of boho style lies in its effortless and personal touch, so trust your instincts and let your creativity shine

Pattern Designed By: Sandra Stitches This pattern is copyright protected; it is unlawful to distribute this pattern in any form (free, sale or trade).

What Size Should a Crochet Table Runner Be?

While most table runners hover around 12″ wide, for a boho style, let’s embrace a touch of free-spirited flair and consider size with intention!

  • Boho celebrates individuality: Don’t be afraid to adjust these suggestions! Experiment, test-swatch, and let your vision guide the way.
  • Finished size vs. starting size: Some table runner patterns might mention a different “starting size” before fringe or border elements are added. Be mindful of this when making your final size decision.

Bonus Tip: For a truly unique touch, mix and match table runner lengths on different tables, creating a layered and bohemian-inspired tablescape.

Let’s get to the pattern, shall we?


Experienced Beginner


Any size


1. Ice yarns Pure cotton, 100% cotton, 50 gr, 80 m

I used 2.5 skeins

You can choose to use any Yarn of your choice just measure your piece as you go.



Ch = chain,  Sc = single crochet, Dc = double crochet, Sl st = slip stitch 

Specialty stitch:

 V stitch = dc1 + ch2 + dc1 in same st


  • The pattern is worked in Rows
  • Beginning ch1 does not count as 1st st
  • Beginning Ch 3 does count as 1st st.
  • For this pattern, you can decide how wide and long you want the piece to be by adding chains a foundation chain and adding rows of the repeat pattern
  • You can add tassels of fringes if you like, or leave it without.
  • Every row starts and ends with two double crochets, one on each stitch.
  • This pattern has two parts: the main center part with the repeat pattern and two rows added on each side.
  • This pattern uses multiples of 10 + 6

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The main center part

Foundation chain: chain 30+6

Row 1: Starting in the 4th chain from the hook, work 1dc, ch1, skip 4 ch, (dc3+ch2+dc3) in next st, ch1,skip 4 ch, Vst in next st (dc1+ch2+dc1), *[ch1, skip 4 ch, (dc3+ch2+dc3) in next st, ch1, skip 4, Vst in next st]* repeat to end of row- finish row with dc 1 in last 2 chains

Row 2: Ch 3 and turn your work (does count as st),dc 1 in next st, ch 1, (dc3+ch2+dc3) in ch space between dc3 from prev row, ch1, V st in ch space from V stitch in prev row, continue to end of row. Make sure you finish with two dcs.

Row 3-: Repeat row 2 

Repeat as long as you wish your work to be. I made 46 rows!

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boho crochet table runner

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Let’s continue with the pattern

Let’s continue!

Now we will add two rows on each side.

Turn your work on the side facing the long part.

Row1: Ch3 counts as 1st dc, dc 2 in each dc from the rows, make sure you do not overfill the side with dc’s. The amount is not so important, just make it straight and flat. Count your st so you will work the same amount on the opposite side.

Work to the end of the side.

Row2: ch1 and turn your work, sc 1 in 1st st from hook, sc1 in next st and in every st across to end of row.

Secure your yarn and cut.

Repeat the same on the opposite side.


I finished  this piece with tassels for a more BOHO look (optional)

Before you leave 🙂

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