Winter Crochet Hat ( Sunny Life Beanie)

Learn how to make an easy winter crochet hat. The result is a textured, stretchy fabric that will fit you amazingly! Made with just one skein of bulky-weight yarn, this free crochet winter hat pattern is a great project for beginners and advanced crocheters alike.

I called it Sunny Life so it brings a smile to your life and a feeling of warmth!

In this crochet hat pattern, I used the front post double crochet stitch and gave it a waffle look for more texture. I also wanted to make it relatively a simple construction, so the crochet pattern for the winter hat is worked as a flat rectangle and seamed.

There are lots of crochet winter hats out there, but this winter crochet hat will be your go-to for gifts!

Are you with me?

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textured crochet hat pattern

What can I tell you about this Crochet Winter Hat Pattern?

  1. Skill Building: This crochet hat pattern is perfect for beginners as it helps build fundamental crochet skills. You’ll practice basic stitches like chain, single crochet, and a more advanced stitch like the front post double crochet
  2. Quick and Gratifying: Unlike some complicated patterns that can take weeks to complete, this crochet pattern for winter hat works up quickly. you will love the sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing a project in just a few hours, boosting confidence and motivation to continue crocheting.
  3. Customization: One of the joys of crocheting your winter hat is the ability to customize it to suit your style. With this pattern, you can easily adjust the size to fit your head perfectly and choose yarn colors that match your wardrobe or reflect your personality.

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What are the crochet hat sizes?

This sample is a regular adult size: 23” circumference, 9” height

Here is a size chart you can learn from- to adapt this pattern to your size choice, use thinner yarn(smaller) or add rows (bigger)

crochet hat size chart

Ways to wear a crochet beanie hat

  1. Classic Fit: For a timeless look, wear your winter crochet hat pulled snugly over your head. This fit keeps your ears warm and adds a touch of coziness to any outfit.
  2. Slouchy Style: To achieve a relaxed, slouchy look, push the winter crochet hat back on your head slightly. This style works especially well with a longer beanie, allowing the fabric to drape naturally for a casual and effortless vibe.
  3. Accessorized Elegance: Add a personal touch to your winter beanie by attaching a crochet flower, pom-pom, or button.

How do you make your crochet winter hat warmer?

To make your crochet hat warmer, you can try a few tricks to amp up its coziness. First, consider using a thicker yarn like a bulky or super bulky weight. This will create a denser fabric that keeps the cold out. Another option is to double up on your yarn by crocheting with two strands at once. This adds extra insulation and makes the crochet winter hat super snuggly.

Another trick is to use a tighter crochet stitch, such as half double crochet or double crochet. This creates a thicker fabric that traps more heat. If you want to go the extra mile, you can add a lining to your hat. Sewing in a fleece or flannel lining will add an extra layer of warmth and make your hat extra comfy. With these tips, your winter crochet hat will be the warmest, coziest hat around!

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Pattern Designed By: Sandra Stitches This pattern is copyright protected; it is unlawful to distribute this pattern in any form (free, sale or trade).

sunny life beanie crown

How to work the Front Post Double Crochet Stitch?

This is a kind of basic stitch used in many crochet stitch combinations, The trick is to insert your hook around the double crochet post from the previous row starting from you and finishing towards you. See the detailed explanation below in the pattern instructions

Let’s get to the pattern, shall we?




Cygnet Chunky, 100 gr, 100% Acrylic, 156 m, color Gold,1 skein, color beige 0.5 skein

Subs can be any weight #4 yarn

Hook: US Size J-10 (6 mm) 

  • Yarn Needle, Scissors, Measuring Tape


  • Not Relevant


  • Regular adult size: 23” circumference, 9” height

Stitch Key

  • Ch = Chain
  • Sc = Single Crochet
  • Dc = Double Crochet
  • SlSt = Slip Stitch
  • Yo = Yarn over

Specialty Stitches

Fpdc = Front Post Double Crochet (Yo, insert your hook from front to back to front around the post of the next stitch, yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull through 2 loops on your hook, yo, pull through the remaining two loops on your hook)

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  • The pattern is worked in rows
  • Ch1 does not count as st at the beginning of each row
  • Each row is worked with 3 different stitches as noted in the instructions
  • This beanie is worked in one piece and joined to form
  • You can add a pompon
free crochet hat pattern


Ch 30+1

Row 1: Sc 1 in 2nd st from hook, sc 1 in next 9 st, dc 1 in next 15 st, slst in last 5 st, ch 1 and turn (30)

Row 2: Slst in 1st st from hook, slst in next 4 st, *[Fpdc in next st, dc 1 in next st]* repeat from *to* for a total of 7 times, Fpdc 1 in next st, sc 1 in next 10 st, ch 1 and turn (30)

Row 3: Sc1 in 1st st from hook, sc 1 in next 9 st*[dc1 in next st, Fpdc 1 in next st]* repeat from *to* for a total of 7 times, dc 1 in next st, slst 1 in next 5 st, ch 1 and turn (30)

Rows 4- 42: repeat rows 2+3

sunny life beanie flat



Fold in half right side facing in, Join 2 sides  using the tapestry needle, and close the hole on the top ( the slipstitch part) 

Secure yarn weave in ends and cut.


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