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crochet free hat pattern

Quick and Easy Crochet Hat Pattern for Experienced Beginners

Hello, my crochet friends! If you love wearing crochet hats or beanies in the winter to keep you warm, this quick and easy crochet hat pattern is just for you! It is worked in rows and joined on the sides, you will not need to worry about increasing or decreasing. […]

headbands crochet along

Headbands Series Crochet Along – Twist & Tops

Hey crochet friends! 🌟 I am so happy to have you here for this Headbands Crochet Along – a six-week escapade into the world of fabulous headbands! Get ready for a crochet party because I’ve got a fresh headband pattern dropping on the blog every week, just for you. This […]

linked crochet cowl pattern

Cowl Neck Warmer Crochet Pattern – The Linked Cowl

This cowl neck warmer crochet pattern is designed for you to practice the Trinity stitch and have a fun project to donate! (watch the video tutorial of the stitch below) Hello, my crochet friends! Let’s make an awesome crochet cowl neck warmer! I named it the linked cowl neck warmer […]

lilac crochet scarf pattern

Shell Crochet Scarf Pattern – The Lilac Scarf

This Shell Crochet Scarf Pattern is so easy to make and so cozy to wear you will want to make a few! I chose this very soft Lilac kind of Grey shade color yarn to fit my aesthetics, but any color is a win! If you are into the Hygge […]

crochet beanie free pattern

Textured Crochet Beanie Pattern

I love any textured crochet beanie pattern! This beanie pattern is no different using basic stitches and combining more textured ones, makes your beanie a cozy statement piece. The pattern is categorized as intermediate level only because we use several specialty stitches, but it really is very simple! Are you […]

crochet headband pattern

Simple Crochet Headband Pattern – Lily Headband

Ready to whip up a stylish accessory with just half a skein of yarn? Today, we’re diving into the wonderful world of crafting with a simple crochet headband pattern. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie with the hook, this project is perfect for you. Grab your yarn and […]

diamond crochet stitch tutorial

Diamond Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Hello, my crochet friends! Today I have a stitch tutorial for you! The Diamond Stitch. Well, what can be said about this amazing diamond-shaped stitch? It is great for blankets and sweaters as well as cowls and ponchos! Watch the video tutorial for a step-by-step tutorial It’s a great stitch […]

bean stitch tutorial

The Bean Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Today I have a new stitch tutorial for you! The Bean Stitch crochet tutorial. Well, I think this stitch has so much texture, you cannot ignore it! This is a video tutorial, step by step how to work this Bean Stitch It’s a great stitch because: You can use this stitch […]

crochet red hotpat pattern

Easy Halloween Hexagon Crochet Hotpad

Happy Halloween to you all! Looking for an easy Halloween hexagon crochet Hotpad idea? Well, this is your lucky day! This hexagon pad with a spider net attached in Halloween-themed colors is for you! Grab your red and black leftover yarns and let’s start our Halloween decor journey! Find the […]

crochet mason jar cover

Crochet Mason Jar Cover

Hey there, my crochet friends! I’m so excited to share my latest creation with you all – the fantastic Mason Jar Cover Pattern! This little gem was born out of the need to find a perfect spot for my lentils πŸ™‚ but guess what? It’s not just limited to that! […]