Crochet Bag holder Pattern

This crochet pattern is perfect for beginner crocheters who want to dive into a quick and easy project that also supports eco-friendliness.

This crochet bag holder pattern is simple to follow and can be completed in a short amount of time.

The use of single-use plastic bags has become a major environmental concern, and by using recycled plastic bags and creating reusable holders, we can all make a positive impact.

Join us in this beginner-friendly and quick project, where we showcase how crochet can be used to promote sustainability and reduce waste..

crochet plastic bag holder pattern

This crochet bag holder pattern is made with 100% cotton yarn, making it durable and long-lasting. The best part? You can even use leftover yarn from previous projects, reducing waste and saving money while still creating something functional and environmentally conscious.

Ready to make your own?




Drops Paris Uni Color 100% cotton, 50 g,75 m (82 yds) color #25

Hook: US Size H-8 (5 mm)

  • Yarn Needle, Scissors, Measuring Tape, 2 ponytail holders


  • Not Relevant


  • Can be modified as you wish
  • This sample is: 13” long and 5”  width

Stitch Key

  • Ch = Chain
  • Sc = Single Crochet
  • St = Stitch
  • Dc = Double Crochet
  • Sl St = Slip Stitch
  • X st = Skip next st, Dc 1 in next, Dc 1 in skipped st


  • The pattern is worked in rounds
  • Ch1 does not count as st at the beginning of each row
  • This pattern uses pattern repeats.
  • You can work this pattern with one color or multiple as you wish- I used one color
  • If changing colors make sure to have a changing technique and weave your ends in.

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crochet plastic bag holder


Round 1: Sc 28 st around one ponytail holder, Sl st to 1st Sc closing the round,Ch 1 do not turn work

Round 2: Hdc in 1st st from hook , Hdc 1 in next and in every st around, Sl St to Ch1of starting round ,Ch1 do not turn work

Now to Round 3_4: Repeat Round 2

Round 5: Dc1 in 1st st from hook, ( X st) skip 1 st, Dc 1 in next St,  Dc1 in skipped st, X st in next and around to end of round, Sl st to top of 1st Dc. Ch 1 do not turn work

This is the pattern repeat Rounds 1-5

Work  5 repeats

And continue Round 26: Sc in 1st st from hook, and around to end of the round, Sl st to Ch 1 from the beginning, Ch 1 do not turn work

Round 27-29: Repeat Round 2 ( Hdc round)

Round 30: Sc 28 around second ponytail holder, Sl st to Ch1  to close the round.


Chain 8-10 for the strap, Sl st to next Sc.

Cut your yarn and weave in the ends.

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