Crochet Bath Set Pattern

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If you’re eager to add a personal touch of handmade elegance to your daily bathing routine or searching for a unique gift idea, this crochet bath set pattern is perfect for you.

By utilizing cotton yarn, a crochet hook, and a little bit of time, you’ll be able to craft a beautiful and functional bath set that can be the perfect gift for fathers Day, Christmas, or any special occasion.

This crochet bath set pattern is for absolute beginners. Simple and easy to work. It includes the washcloth, the sponge, and the soap saver.

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This crochet bath set pattern is great because:

  • Very Easy to work, designed with basic stitches
  • Quick project: You can have the whole set done in one afternoon
  • Any color works: you decide according to age, gender, aesthetics, or whatever comes to your mind

bath set crochet pattern

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Before you get started…

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Why a crochet bath set pattern?

Using reusable crochet items made of cotton for your bath set is a fantastic idea that comes with a bunch of great benefits! Not only are they practical and long-lasting, but they’re also super eco-friendly.

Cotton is an amazing natural fiber that’s known for being soft, absorbent, and really durable – just what you need for bath-related items! So, you’ll definitely enjoy the comfort and functionality of these crochet goodies.

But here’s the cool part – when you choose reusable crochet items, you’re doing your part for the environment! It’s all about sustainability and reducing waste. Unlike those pesky disposable alternatives, these cotton bath set items can be easily washed and used again and again. So, you’re not just tossing stuff away, which helps shrink your ecological footprint.

And guess what? Embracing these reusable crochet pieces isn’t just good for the planet; it’s also great for your wallet! You’ll save some serious cash in the long run by not having to buy replacements all the time.

So, go ahead and go green with these lovely crochet creations for your bath set. Your skin will thank you, the Earth will thank you, and your bank account will thank you too! It’s a win-win situation! 😊

Create your own bath set

Crochet allows for endless creativity and customization. With cotton yarn, you have a wide range of colors and textures to choose from, enabling you to match your bath set to your personal style and preferences.

Whether you desire a vibrant and colorful theme or a soothing and neutral palette, crochet offers limitless possibilities to express your creativity while enjoying the benefits of natural cotton.

Embrace the joy of using reusable crochet items made of cotton in your bath set, and experience the perfect blend of functionality, sustainability, and personalized style in your daily self-care routine.

Pattern Designed By: Sandra Stitches This pattern is copyright protected; it is unlawful to distribute this pattern in any form (free, sale or trade).

bath set crochet pattern

Let’s get to the pattern, shall we?

Crochet bath set pattern materials:

Yarn: Ice Yarns, Natural cotton worsted, weight # 4, 100 gr, 150 mt, I used the color grey a 1 skein for three pieces

  • Hook: 7 / 4.5 mm
  • Yarn Needle, Scissors, Measuring Tape


  • Face cloth: 7” X 8”
  • Soap Saver: 4.5” X 4”

Stitch Key

Ch = Chain

Sc = Single Crochet

Dc = Double Crochet

Slst = Slip Stitch

Inc = Increase

Specialty stitches

Linen Stitch = (Sc1 + Ch1 , skip 1st)


Included in this pattern are guidelines for crafting a Sponge, a Washcloth, and a Soap Saver.

To create the washcloth and soap saver, you’ll follow rows. However, for the sponge, you’ll work in rounds.

Remember, the ch1 turning chain is not considered a stitch. Nevertheless, the ch3 at the start of the round does count as the 1st stitch.

We will work on each item separately.

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The Sponge

Ch4 and Slst to first Ch to form a circle- or use the magic ring

Sc1, Ch 35, Slst back to the circle ( this will form the strap

Round1: Ch3, Dc24 in circle , Slst to 1st ch to close the round (25)

Round2: Inc Ch3, Dc2 in 1st st from hook, Dc3 in next st, * Dc3 in nest st , repeat from *, to end , Slst to 1st ch to close the round (75)

Then Round3: Inc Ch3, Dc2 in 1st st from hook, Dc3 in next st, * Dc3 in nest st , repeat from *, to end , Slst to 1st ch to close the round (225)

Round4: Inc Ch3, Dc2 in 1st st from hook, Dc3 in next st, * Dc3 in nest st , repeat from *, to end , Slst to 1st ch to close the round (675)

Finish by weaving in ends and cutting your yarn.

The Washcloth

Ch 26+3

Row 1: Dc1 in 4th Ch from hook, Dc 1 in next Ch and across to end of row, Ch1, turn work (27)

Row 2: Sc1 in 1st st from hook, Ch1, skip 1 st, *[Sc1 in next, Ch1, Skip 1 st]* repeat fro *to* to end of row, finish with Sc1 in last st, turn (27)

Then Row 3: Ch1, Sc1 in 1st Ch space from hook, Ch1, skip 1 st, *[Sc1 in next, Ch1, Skip 1 st]* repeat from *to* to end of row, finish with Sc1 in last st (27)

Now Row: 4- 25: repeat row 3 (27)

Row 26: Ch3, Dc1 in next st, Dc1 in next st and across to end of row (27)

Do not cut your yarn, we will continue with the border

The Washcloth Border

Ch1, Sc2 in the corner, Sc1 in next st, Sc1 in next and around all four sides, Slst to 1st Ch, Ch10 and Sl st back to same st. to form the hanging strap. Fasten off, weave in ends, and cut yarn.

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The Soap Saver

Ch14 +1

Row 1: Sc1 in 2nd St from hook, Sc1 n next and across to end of row, Ch1 , turn (14)

Row 2: Hdc in 1st st from hook, Hdc1 in next st and across to end of row. Ch1, turn (14)

Row 3: Hdc in 1st st from hook, *[Ch1, Skip 1 st, Hdc1 in next st]* repeat from *to* to end of row, end with Hdc, Ch1, turn (14)

Repeat Row 4- 22: Repeat rows 2+3

Row 23: Sc1 in 1st st from hook, Sc1 in next st and across to end of row.

Now we are closing the soap saver


Fold  in half, Write side facing out, Sc1 around 3 sides to form a β€œbag”

You can add a chain strap to close the Soap saver

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simple crochet bath set pattern

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