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how to choose yarn color combinations

How to choose yarn color combinations for your Crochet Projects

Choosing the perfect yarn color combinations can be a bit overwhelming, confusing and even paralyzing from starting the project. A few months ago I asked crocheters what they struggle the most with and: how to choose yarn color combinations or any yarn color that will be perfect for the pattern […]

care and store crochet tips

How to Care for and Store Crochet Projects

Here are some great tips on how to care for and store crochet items. Crocheting is not only a fun and relaxing hobby, but it’s also a great way to create beautiful and practical items. However, it’s essential to take good care of your crochet projects to ensure they stay […]

how to prevent crochet from curling

How to prevent crochet from curling

If you’ve ever spent hours creating a beautiful crochet piece, only to have it curl up at the edges, you know how frustrating it can be. The good news is that there are several ways to prevent crochet from curling and ensure that your crochet project lays flat. Crochet can […]

how to crochet on a budget

How to Crochet on a budget

Is it possible to crochet on a budget? As a crocheter myself, I understand how expensive it can be to afford quality yarns for our projects. It’s no secret that yarn can quickly become an expensive habit, especially if you love working with high-end, luxurious fibers. However, there are some […]

pain free crochet

Pain Free Crochet – Learn How to Crochet Without Aching

Pain-free Crochet is all we want!  Crocheting is a fantastic hobby that lets us turn a bunch of yarn into amazing works of art. But let’s be real, after hours of working with those hooks and yarn, our hands, arms, neck, and back can feel like they’ve been through a […]

relax and enjoy

This is why

Hello, my crochet dear friend! It helps me relax! It gives me a sense of achievement, I have arthritis, controls my anxiety, calms my stress down, and I make beautiful things, it is my anger management tool…. This is why These are a small portion of the results people say they experience […]

stay calm

Improve your creativity and stay calm with Crochet

Hello, my crochet friends! As time passes in my crochet journey I feel how the creative part of me grows and develops! Crocheting is a creative outlet that allows individuals to express themselves and tap into their imagination. Through crocheting, we can unleash creativity and create unique and beautiful projects […]