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christmas stocking pattern

Basic Crochet Christmas Stocking Pattern

Hello, my crochet friend! Let’s start our Christmas crocheting early with this simple crochet stocking pattern! It is never too early right? Well this simple crochet stocking pattern is worked in less then 3 hours at the most! So, you can make 1 or 2 or 3 or maybe 4  […]

new plant hanger free pattern

Crochet Plant Holder Pattern

Hello, my crochet friend! When it comes to homemade plant hangers, many people immediately think of macrame. However, we’re here to show you that there’s a great alternative: crochet! This crochet plant hanger pattern offers a fresh and unique twist to elevate your indoor greenery. Say goodbye to the ordinary […]

festive bunting

Crochet Bunting Pattern

Hello, my crochet friend! This is my first time designing a Christmas decor item! I am so happy to present you with a delightful and free crochet bunting pattern, specifically designed to embrace the essence of Christmas. Picture your cozy living room, adorned with a string of whimsical crocheted motifs, […]

crochet hot pad pattern

Crochet Hot Pad Pattern

Hey there, crochet lovers! Sandra here, and I’m so excited to share my latest creation with you. We are talking about a Crochet Hot Pad Pattern If you are using the same boring hot pads in your kitchen and want to add a touch of personality to your cooking routine, […]

crochet bookmark

Crochet Bookmark Pattern for beginners

Hello there, my crochet Friends! Are you ready to add a touch of handmade charm to your reading adventures? Today, I have a special treat for you— a Crochet Bookmark Pattern for Beginners, that anyone can make even if you are a very experienced crafter too!  It’s time to unleash […]

crochet table runner

Boho Crochet Table Runner Pattern (Free)

Hey, crochet friend! Are you ready to add a touch of bohemian charm to your dining table? Well, get ready because I have the perfect Boho Crochet Table Runner Pattern for you. Picture this: a beautiful cream-beige table runner that gives you a sense of tranquility and sophistication. But here’s […]

crochet placemat pattern

Free Crochet Placemat Pattern: Tangerine

Imagine preparing for a dinner party and feeling like something is missing. Plain, uninspiring placemats just won’t cut it. But then, you remember a free crochet placemat pattern you saw online for a crocheted Tangerine Placemat. You pick up your crochet hook, stitch away, and soon, you’ve created a masterpiece. […]

market bags

Crochet Market Bag Free Pattern – The Shuk Bag

Hey there fellow crochet lovers! Are you looking for a new project to add to your summer lineup? This amazing crochet market bag pattern! Not only is it an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, but it’s also super practical and perfect for trips to the beach or the farmers market. […]

granny rectangle table runner pattern

Granny Rectangle Table Runner Crochet Free Pattern

Greetings crochet lovers! Have you ever wanted to impress your friends and family with your mad crochet skills? Well, have I got a treat for you! Today, I’m sharing a free pattern for a Granny Rectangle Table Runner that’s sure to make your dining table look more fabulous than ever […]

crochet hanging basket pattern

Free Crochet Hanging Basket Pattern

Hey there fellow crochet enthusiasts! I am beyond excited to share with you a free pattern for a simple yet versatile Easy Hanging Basket that will add a touch of coziness and functionality to any room in your home. As a passionate crafter myself, I know how satisfying it can be […]