Quick and Easy Crochet Dishcloth Pattern: Make Yours Today

In this step-by-step guide for a quick and easy crochet dishcloth pattern, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to create your own handmade dishcloths. I named this pattern ” Blue Coast Dishcloth”

These dishcloths are eco-friendly and add a charming, personal touch to your home.

Grab your favorite cotton yarn and a crochet hook, and let’s start this fun and functional project!

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how to crochet a dishcloth

What is the best yarn for crochet dishcloths?

When it comes to crocheting dishcloths, choosing the right yarn is essential for creating a functional and durable final product.

The best yarn for dishcloths is 100% cotton. Cotton yarn is highly absorbent, making it perfect for soaking up spills and scrubbing dishes.

It’s also durable enough to withstand repeated use and washing. Additionally, cotton is naturally resistant to odors and doesn’t retain water like some synthetic fibers, which helps keep your dishcloths fresh and clean.

Look for cotton yarn that is soft yet sturdy, ensuring your dishcloths are both gentle on your hands and tough on grime.

Popular choices include brands like Lily Sugar ‘n Cream which offer a wide range of colors to match any kitchen decor.

post photo- charts (600X600) dishcloth pattern

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How to care for your crochet dishcloths?

Caring for your crochet dishcloths properly ensures they remain effective and last longer.

Since most crochet dishcloths are made from 100% cotton yarn, they are machine washable, which makes cleaning them an easy task.

To keep them in the best condition, wash your dishcloths in warm water with a mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, as these can weaken the fibers and fade the colors. After washing, you can either tumble dry on a low setting or lay them flat to air dry.

If you notice any fraying or loose ends, gently trim them to prevent further unraveling.

Regularly washing and properly drying your dishcloths will keep them fresh, absorbent, and ready for your next cleaning task.

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Let’s get to the pattern, shall we? Making a quick and easy crochet dishcloth




Drops Paris Uni Color, 100% cotton, 50 gr, (2 skeins) in two colors ( I used A # 16  and B #32 )

Or any Aran weight #4 Cotton yarn

Hook: US Size H-8 (5 mm)


Yarn Needle, Scissors, Measuring Tape


  • This sample is 12” in width  X 14” in height

Stitch Key

Specialty Stitch

Suzette st = (Sc + Dc )in same st

Fpdc= Front Post Double Crochet Stitch 

 (Yo, insert your hook from front to back to front around the post of the next stitch, Yo, pull up a loop, Yo, pull thru 2 loops on your hook, Yo, pull the remaining two loops on your hook)

Bpdc = Back Post Double Crochet Stitch 

(Yo, Insert hook from back to front thru the space between the dc stitches, insert hook to the back through the next space between the dc stitches, Yo, hold the work folded and complete the dc stitch as usual on the back of your work)

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  • This pattern is worked in rows
  • Ch3 always counts as 1st stitch
  • Use any changing colors technique when needed
  • You can decide on length and width by adding chains and rows
  • This pattern calls for multiples of 3+2
  • You can work this pattern with one color or multiple as you wish- I used multiple colors
  • If changing colors make sure to have a changing technique and weave your ends in. 
blue coast dishcloth


Start with color A, Chain 41

Row1: Dc 1 in 4th Ch from hook, Dc1 in next Ch, and across to end of row, turn

Row 2: Ch3 (counts as 1st st) , *[Fpdc in next st, Bpdc in next 3 st]*, repeat from * to * until you have your last 2 Stitches, Fpdc in next st and Dc in last (on top of Ch3 from the beginning), turn work

Row 3:Ch3, Bpdc in next st, Dc in next 3 St, *[Bpdc in next st, Dc in next 3 St]* repeat from *to* until last 2 St, Bpdc in next and Dc in last (ch3), turn work

Row 4-8: Repeat R2+3 (waffle rows)

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Change to color B

Row 9: Ch1 (does not count as st), Sc+Dc in 1st st from hook (Suzette St), Skip 1 st, Suzette st in next, Skip one St, Suzette in next and across to end of row, finish with Sc, turn work

Row 10: Repeat Row 9

Change to color A

Row 11:Ch3 (counts as 1st Dc, Dc in next st, and across to end of row, turn work

Row 12-22:  Waffle rows Repeat rows 2+3

Change to color B

Row 23-24 Suzette rows- Repeat Rows 9+10

Change to color A

Row 25::Ch3 (counts as 1st Dc, Dc in next st, and across to end of row, turn work

Row 26-27: Waffle rows Repeat rows 2+3

Change to color B

Row 28-29: Suzette rows- Repeat Rows 9+10

Secure your yarn , cut and weave in your ends


Secure yarn, weave in ends, and cut yarn

post photo- charts (600X600) blue coast dishcloth

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