24 Free Crochet Bag Patterns

Bag obsessed, are you here?

I’ve got a bunch of 24 free crochet bag patterns to share with you, ready to be done today!

Crochet bags are the coolest things – add some pizzazz to your outfit and carry all your stuff too! They come in every size and color imaginable, so there’s one for everyone.

This collection is full of fun patterns, from super easy (perfect for beginners) to more complex ones to challenge yourself.

Need a tote for errands? A fancy bag for a night out? A giant market bag for all your goodies? Hexagon? tapestry, cables?!

So grab your crochet hook, find some yarn that makes you smile, and let’s get crocheting! Making your own bag is super rewarding, and trust me, it’ll be awesome.

Show off your creations too! Share pictures of your finished bags on social media – I can’t wait to see what you make!”

Scroll down to find your next free bag pattern!!

crochet bags round up post

1. Chevron Bucket Bag by Agat – Made by Gottie

The Chevron crochet bucket bag is the perfect size for an everyday bag. It is comfortable and light, but big enough to carry all your essentials. The bag has a drawstring closer to keep all your belongings safe.

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made by gootie bag pattern

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2. Sierra Market Bag– by Josie – First The Coffee

The Sierra Market Bag Pattern relies primarily on two fundamental stitches – the double crochet stitch and the half double crochet stitch. Cotton yarn is the recommended yarn to use for this pattern. 

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sierra market bag

3. Ocean Chunky Bag – by Me

Ready for a seriously chunky yarn crochet bag pattern? A super easy, quick, and trendy crochet project?

Done in an hour and with one skein? Do I need to say more?

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ocean crochet bag pattern

Before you get started, check out my newest favorite finds!

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4. Arianna Tote Bag – by Sheri -The Country Willows

This pattern I designed using this Starburst Stitch. The stitch is absolutely beautiful and what transpired was the Arianna Project /Tote Bag.

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arianna bag pattern

5. Belmont Crochet Shoulder Bag Purse – by Jessica – Stitching Together

Sometimes simple is best and the Belmont Crochet Shoulder Bag is no exception. The stitches are simple, the construction is simple, the details are simple but you’ll make a bag that’ll have people going, “YOU MADE THAT?

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belmount shoulder bag pattern

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6. BLOSSOM CROCHET TOTE BAG – by Nicki – Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Are you looking for a stylish new tote bag that’s also practical? Do you want to learn how to make one? With this article, you’ll learn exactly how to make a crochet tote bag pattern with leather straps and add a beautiful blossom iron-on to make it unique. And the iron-on is glued on since an iron can destroy the yarn by melting it.

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7. Sturdy Crochet Crossbody Bag – by Fiona – Cozy Rosie

Crochet your own bag with this free crochet crossbody bag pattern which is suitable for beginners. This easy crochet pattern uses only the US single crochet stitch and slip stitches to create a study bag that fits all your essentials.

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Sturdy Crochet Crossbody Bag

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8. On the Bias Tote Bag– by Jennifer – A Crocheted Simplicity

I named this crochet bag pattern the On the Bias Tote Bag, not because of how I worked the design (it’s worked in rows), but because of how it appears after it’s folded and seamed. The finished bag looks like it was worked on the bias, but the rectangle of the bag is constructed by working back and forth in simple rows. 

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On the Bias Tote Bag crochet pattern

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crochet bag patterns round up

9. Cable Crochet Bag – by Janne – Jo of the Motion

This cable crochet bag pattern is great all year through.Imagine bringing your brand new crochet market bag to any vacation. Snow or warm. It’s the perfect size for any crochet project. You can bring multiple extra skeins of yarn & everything you need for your current project.

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cable crochet bag pattern

10. Dafne Granny Stripe Bag– by Simply Melanie Jane

This crochet granny square bag is a charming and versatile crochet pattern that will have you stitching up a fabulous bag with a delightful twist. Dafne Granny Stripe Bag is a stylish accessory that effortlessly combines classic charm with modern flair.

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granny square crochet bag free pattern

11. Paw Print Bag – By Jo of the World

This Paw Print Bag Crochet Pattern (free!) is a perfect bag for toting around with your dog. It makes a wonderful gift for an animal lover or yourself! The pattern is fun to crochet and has easy-to-follow instructions and a chart.

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paw print crochet bag free pattern

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12. Pentagonal Mesh Market Bag by Ella – Salty Pearl Crochet

This surprisingly simple one-row mesh repeat worked in multiples of five makes a beautiful and functional market bag. The allover mesh is light, but not too wide open, which makes it perfect for the beach or the farmer’s market. 

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pentagonal mesh crochet bag free pattern

13. Double Waves Beach Bag – by Sonya – Blackstone Design

The Double Waves Beach Bag, made with t-shirt yarn, is perfect for beach days! This bag is strong and sturdy, making it great for carrying around towels, clothes, shoes, and even snacks.

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beach bag free pattern

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crochet bag patterns round up post

14. Calliope Coffee Bag – by Amber -Divine Debris

Like the Glenda Ghost Bag and the Susie Snowflakes Bag, the Calliope Coffee Bag is worked in 13 squares you seam and then add straps to. That’s kinda it. The hardest part is sitting down to make 6 of one square and 7 of the other, then blocking them, and them seaming them in a specific way

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coffee mug crochet bag pattern

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15. Crossbody Bag – by Kirsten Holloway Designs

A cute, all-purpose crossbody bag that works for just about any occasion and time of year! This free crochet pattern uses 12″ squares to create a unique-looking tote that will work as a project bag or purse.

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crosbody crochet bag free pattern

16. Lotus Flower Clutch – by Veronika – Blue Star Crochet

I find small clutch bags so practical! They are small enough that you can carry then around on your all day and night. However, they are big enough to carry all your essentials you want to keep handy when out and about. The clutch bag is so quick to work up, I used a fabulously textured crochet stitch.

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clutch crochet free bag pattern

17. Hexagon Bag – by Sandra Stitches

Get ready to hook your way to a modern Hexa Tote Bag that’s as practical as it is chic. This crochet adventure is perfect for all skill levels, so no worries if you’re not a pro yet.

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hexa tote bag crochet pattern

18. Crossbody Crochet Bag – by Sierra Crafty Creations

Do you love quick and simple projects? I am talking finish it in one sitting quick?! Well if so, this project is for YOU! This bag works up so fast and uses simple stitches. The result is a nice sized crossover bag that you can carry around all year!

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crossbody crochet free bag pattern

19. Lipa Tapestry Crochet Backpack – by Veronika – Blue Star Crochet

Get ready to hook your way to a modern Hexa Tote Bag that’s as practical as it is chic. This crochet adventure is perfect for all skill levels, so no worries if you’re not a pro yet.

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tapestry crochet bag pattern

20. Cute Mushrooms Bag – by Amber -Divine Debris

Get ready to hook your way to a modern Hexa Tote Bag that’s as practical as it is chic. This crochet adventure is perfect for all skill levels, so no worries if you’re not a pro yet.

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mashrooms crochet bag free pattern

21. Hexagon Granny Square Bag – by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

This hexagon granny square easy crochet bag pattern will show you how to make a cute purse using just two hexagons and a granny square. It’s a fun DIY project for any skill level. 

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nicki hexagon granny square bag pattern

22. Moss Stitch Purse – by Jo of the World

The pattern is made with two strands of yarn held together the entire time. If you haven’t done this before, don’t be intimidated! Simply hold two strands at once, treat them as one strand and crochet normally.

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moss stitch bag - jo

23. Sweater Bag – by Sonya – Blackstone Design

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sweater bag pattern

24. Crochet Zipper Pouch – Banana Moon Studio

This cute crochet zipper pouch pattern uses four granny squares attached together. Add a zipper and a lining and you have a retro-inspired zipper bag to hold your crochet hooks, glasses, colored pencils, or notions.

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granny zipper pouch pattern

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