Crochet Water Bottle Holder Pattern

Hello, my Crochet friends!

Introducing the new Free Crochet Water Bottle Holder Pattern!

Calling all eco-crafters! Say goodbye to lugging around your water bottle and hello to hands-free convenience.

This eco-friendly accessory keeps your bottle secure while you go about your day. Picture yourself strolling through the park, sipping sustainably, and leaving single-use plastic in the past.

Grab your crochet hook and eco yarn, and get ready for this easy two-row repeat Crochet Water Bottle Holder Pattern guide to a stylish, sustainable solution.

Crochet your way to an eco-conscious day-to-day routine!

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What is the best yarn for a crochet water bottle holder?

When it comes to your water bottle crochet patterns, I highly recommend going for cotton yarn.

Why? Well, think about it. You’ll be taking this item outdoors, handling it a lot, and it’s bound to need a good wash every now and then. That’s where cotton yarn shines! It’s not only durable but also performs exceptionally well with frequent washing. So, go ahead and get some trusty cotton yarn for your water bottle creations. You’ll be glad you did!

Grab your hooks and get ready to create the ultimate water bottle holder using these fantastic cotton yarns!

crochet free pattern water bottle holder

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Let’s get to the pattern, shall we?




Drops Loves You 8 100% cotton yarn, 50gr, 85 m, 

93 yards,2 skeins, # 06 Blue

(double strand)

Subs: Dishie from KnitPicks

Hook: US Size J (6 mm) 

  • Yarn Needle, Scissors, Measuring Tape


  • Not relevant


  • 8.5” circumference

Stitch Key

  • Ch = Chain
  • Sc = Single Crochet
  • St = Stitch
  • DC = Double Crochet 
  • Sl st = Slip stitch
  • Bldc = Back loop only Double Crochet  ( insert hook in back loop, yo and finish a double crochet st)

Pattern Designed By: Sandra Stitches This pattern is copyright protected; it is unlawful to distribute this pattern in any form (free, sale or trade).

Keep reading for the free pattern which includes detailed instructions on how to crochet the Primrose stitch on the round

Some notes before we start the crochet Water Bottle Holder  Pattern

  • The pattern is worked in rounds
  • The pattern is worked using two strands of yarn for more sturdiness.
  • This pattern is worked in one piece
  • Ch2 at the beginning of the round does count as 1st stitch
  • Ch3 at the beginning of the round does count as 1st stitch
  • Ch1 at the beginning of the round does not count as a stitch
  • You can work this pattern with one color or multiple as you wish- I used one color
  • If changing colors make sure to have a changing technique and weave your ends in.

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Now to the instructions!

When crocheting a water bottle holder you start at the bottom, working in the round by increasing stitches, and then continue with the body without increasing.

Before finishing and cutting off your yarn we will work the straps.

The Body

Chain 4 and Sl st to form a circle

Round 1: into the circle: Ch2, Hdc 7, Sl st in to the top of Ch2 (8)

Round 2:  INC Ch2, Hdc in 1st st from hook, Hdc2 in next st, Hdc2 in next and around to end of the round, Sl st to 1st Ch of Ch2 (16)

Next is Round 3: INC Ch2, Hdc2 in next st, Hdc1 in next st, Hdc2 in next, alternate around to the end of the round, finishing with Hdc2 in last st, Sl st to 1st Ch of Ch2 (24)

Round 4: Ch1, Bldc in 1st st from hook, Bldc in next and around to the end of round, Sl st to 1st st.

The Primrose stitch ( watch the video tutorial below)

Now Round 5: Ch1, Sc1+ch2+Sc1 in 1st st from hook, skip 2 st, *[(Sc1+Ch2+Sc1) in next st, skip 2 st]*, repeat fron *to* to end or round, Slst to 1st st.

Round 6: Sl St to Ch2 space, Ch3 in Ch2 space, Dc2 in same Ch2 space (cluster of 3 Dc’s), Dc3 in next Ch2 space, Dc3 in next Ch2 space , continue around, finish in last Ch2 space, Sl st to 1st Ch of Ch3 

Repeat Round 7-12: Repeat rounds  5+6

Round 13+14: Ch1, Sc1 in 1st st from hook, Sc1 in next and around to the end, Sl st to 1st Sc (do not cut yarn)

The Straps

Ch 80 or more as long as you wish the strap to be, Slst to the opposite side, Sl st to next st, Sl st to next, and around to secure the straps.


Cut your yarn and weave in the ends.

You can add beads to the straps. 

You can make them longer 

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