The Bean Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Today I have a new stitch tutorial for you! The Bean Stitch crochet tutorial.

Well, I think this stitch has so much texture, you cannot ignore it! This is a video tutorial, step by step how to work this Bean Stitch

It’s a great stitch because:

You can use this stitch for scarves, blankets, or tops

It is a one-row repeat. The Bean stitch is so textured it does not need more colors!

Be creative!

crochet Bean Stitch Tutorial

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Before you get started…

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    A new stitch steps

    • When learning a new stitch, try several yarn weights and hook sizes to understand how the stitch works and looks.
    • Use light yarn colors to get the right formation of the stitch.
    • Make several swatches before starting a new project

    Stay Calm and Crochet!😎


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