Raspberry Collection Crochet Along

Hey crochet friends! 🌟

The Raspberry Collection Crochet Along is our new event for April 2024!

Following this CAL you will learn how to make a cowl. a beanie and fingerless gloves. all using the same stitch pattern.

Raspberry collection projects are easy to make and beginner/ intermediate crochet level. After you make all three you will have a beautiful set for the winter!

I want to make this a tradition and bring you fun and trendy crochet-along sets.

Join along on this CAL to make fun crochet projects, chat with other crocheters, and share your creations on the free FB Community

raspberry collection crochet free patterns

How this Raspberry Collection series crochet along will work?

Starting April 22nd 2024

This crochet along collection has three free crochet patterns that will be released on April 22nd, 24th, and 26th

Each pattern will be free on the blog and an ad-free PDF on Ravelry 50% off until Monday 29th

The patterns will all be added to the bottom of this post – so be sure to check back often!⬇️

Bonus – they are perfect for using your stash as well as donating or selling. They will be either beginner or intermediate crochet patterns.

All featured patterns will be forever free on the blog post

You can find the paid ad-free PDF to download from Ravelry

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Crochet along with like-minded crocheters!

I love that crochet brings people together.

So I would like to extend an invitation to everyone who is on Facebook to join my group.

There you can share progress pics of these free crochet pattern designs and meet other crocheters who are participating. And there will be support from me and the wonderful ladies in the group Click the button below to join my FB groups:

April 2024 Raspberry Collection Crochet Along Schedule

This list will be updated during the Crochet Along to include links for each pattern.

raspberry collection - cowl pattern

April 22nd 2024

Raspberry collection – Cowl pattern

Raspberry Cowl Pattern. Learn the stitch pattern and work on the round

AD-FREE PDF download: Get 50% off with code: RCOWL

raspberry collection - fingerless gloves

April 24th 2024

Raspberry Collection – Fingerless Gloves Pattern

Raspberry Fingerless Gloves to keep you warm and stylish!

AD-FREE PDF download: Get 50% off with code: RGLOVES

raspberry collection - beanie

April 26th 2024

Raspberry Collection – Beanie Hat

Raspberry Beanie hat to finish up your set!!!

AD-FREE PDF download: Get 50% off with code: RBEANIE

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