This is why

Hello, my crochet dear friend!

It helps me relax! It gives me a sense of achievement, I have arthritis, controls my anxiety, calms my stress down, and I make beautiful things, it is my anger management tool…. This is why

These are a small portion of the results people say they experience when crocheting!

So amazing, right?

Just by grabbing a hook and a ball of yarn all these amazing feelings and situations can become your reality.

Well Hi, I am Sandra also known as Sandra Stitches and I design simple, easy-to-make very trendy, and textured crochet patterns.

I also suffer from stress and occasionally anxiety. At times I feel alone and in need of community,

I love to make things for people and make them happy. I need acceptance like most of us!

And most of all I love to learn new things and stay curious!

My belief is that each and every one of us is unique, our bodies are unique and our everyday life is unique so there is no one fits all in my patterns

  • You love crocheting because it makes you feel amazing being able to make a beautiful thing and gift it. See the happiness it brings to people’s faces.
  • You crochet because you suffer from anxiety and it relaxes you, and gives you control again
  • You crochet because when stressed you run to the fridge and now you grab your hooks instead

All the reasons in the world bring me to the point that crocheting is such a wonderful activity.

That is why my crochet patterns are the way they are

  1. Approachable
  2. Easy to follow
  3. With you in mind for sizing
  4. Full of texture

I am so happy you chose to be in my crochet small world!

Stay Calm and Crochet!

Xoxo,  Sandra

Watch my Interview in this podcast

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