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Caring For Your Crochet Hooks – Ideas & Solutions

Hey, my crochet friend! who here takes care of the crochet hooks?😇 do not be shy, you are not alone! Taking good care of your crochet hooks is so important. These little tools are the workhorses that turn our gorgeous yarn into amazing crocheted creations. But they can’t do their […]

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Crochet Techniques Every Beginner Should Know

Hey there, crochet fans! Whether you’re an absolute newcomer to the world of crochet or just need a little refresher, this post is for you. We’re going to cover some of the most essential crochet techniques that every beginner should have in their arsenal. Once you’ve got these basics down […]

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AI-Generated Crochet Images

Not all you see on the internet is real! These crochet images are AI-generated crochet, and look so amazing and beautiful, but very very difficult to actually make. I am not an Amigurumi crochet designer but can understand the difference between a very good and professional artist design and AI-generated […]

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US vs UK Crochet Terms

What are US vs UK Crochet Terms? Have you ever gotten excited about a crochet pattern, only to realize it’s written in a different language… of crochet? Without a universal standard, US and UK crochet terms can be confusing. Stitches with the same name can actually be different, leading to […]

crochet hooks

The Ultimate Guide to Crochet Hooks

As a crochet designer and fellow crochet lover, I understand the importance of having the right hook in your hand. Whether you’re a long-time crocheter or just starting your journey in this wonderful craft, navigating the world of crochet hooks can feel overwhelming. So many options, so many numbers and […]

crochet tips - prevent narrowing

How to Stop Crochet from Narrowing

Don’t Panic, Hookers! we are going to learn how to stop crochet from narrowing! You’re happily stitching away, row after row, your afghan growing like a happy sunflower. Then, disaster! Yolook atyour project and realize it’s shrunk like a sweater in the dryer. Don’t cry in your yarn stash just […]

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Let’s Talk Crochet Routine!

Hello, my Crochet friend! We all know how amazing and therapeutic crocheting can be. It’s a creative outlet, a stress reliever, and a way to make awesome things ‘with our hands. But with our busy lives, finding time for our beloved hobby can feel like trying to squeeze a square […]

yarn knot

Dealing with Knots in Yarn

Hello, my Crochet friend! We’ve all been there: you’re cruising along on your project, feeling the rhythm of your hook, when suddenly – BAM! A knot in your yarn throws a wrench in your creative flow. Don’t panic! Knots are a common (and sometimes frustrating) part of crocheting. But before […]

crochet gauge explained

Crochet Gauge Explained: What you really need to know

Hello, my Crochet friend! Ever stumbled upon the term “crochet gauge” and wondered what it meant? Crochet Gauge explained is the perfect guide for you! Well, you’re not alone. This mysterious concept can leave any level crocheters scratching their heads. or rolling their eyes The Crochet Gauge explained goes deep […]

how to block crochet projects

How to Block Crochet Projects (Three methods explained)

Hello, my Crochet friend! Every crocheter knows the satisfaction of watching a project come together, stitch by stitch. But the journey doesn’t end there. There’s one more crucial step that can elevate your creation from a simple craft to a work of art – blocking. So how to block crochet […]